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Our Rates

With A Service Agreement

Please review plans below and choose which one that will suite your company's need.

Phone Support with a Service agreement will allow you 2 free 5 minute calls every month and every minute after will be $1.25 per minute.

With out Service Agreement

Regular hourly rate for scheduled appointments costs $125 per hour

RUSH Emergency Service (1 to 2 hour response time) costs $150 per hour

Without a  Service agreement all phone support will be at a 15 minute Minimum for $30.00 and 1.75 every Minute after.


On-Site Service Agreements

Key Benefits

Preventive maintenance reduces the costs of emergency services.
Budgeted expense.
Peace of mind knowing that you will have a prompt solution to unexpected computer problems.

We offer three different kinds of on site service plans.   Included on each plan (Internet offer only) is a preventive maintenance service which consists of 3 scheduled visits in a 12 month period:

Cleaning the inside of  one computer** and removing dust from its keyboard and mouse.
Checking the overall performance and "tuning up" its hard drives.

** service performed to other computers will consume additional service contract hours

Plan A
         Receive up to 10 hours of computer technical service.  Cost: $1000.

Plan B
         Receive up to 25 hours of computer technical service.  Cost: $2,125.

Plan C
         Receive up to 50 hours of computer technical service per year. This plan is our most popular, $75.00 per Hour with an average of 4.17 hrs of service per month.  9 out of 10 company's use at least 4.17 hrs a month.  Yearly Cost: $3,750.

Plans can be paid in one lump sum or paid quarterly.

Prices currently listed are for businesses located in the Miami-Dade & Broward county area and are subject to change without prior notification.
All plans expire 12 months after purchased.

Select and then print service agreement from DOC (31K) format, then mail completed form with your check to:
        Griban Technologies, Inc.
        Service Dept.
        11034 West Flagler Street
        Miami, FL  33174

Call Us Now! 305.226.6111 x301

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