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Clustering Solutions

Clustering is the process of joining multiple servers together to achieve greater fault tolerance and performance. Just as RAID can improve the reliability and speed of a single server by adding hard drive redundancy and flexibility, server clustering can improve a network's reliability, availability, scalability and performance. Clustering uses multiple servers to share the tasks that might otherwise be handled by a single server.

Our Mid-Range Cluster is the simplest type of clustering. It pairs servers together so one server acts as a mirror of the other. The primary server performs the network functions, while the mirror server duplicates the primary server's activity. The mirror server can take over for the primary server instantly should the primary server fail or need to be taken offline for maintenance or upgrades.

Our High-End Cluster uses sophisticated clustering schemes to group two or more servers to provide redundancy, enhance scalability and improve performance. Additional servers can be brought online as network needs grow without interrupting existing services. Server deployments of this type also provide redundancy and on-the-fly scalability.

Mid-Range Cluster
High-End Cluster

With Griban's High-Availability Cluster Designs, you can be assured that your system will stay up and running 100% of the time with improved availability, easier manageability, and more cost-effective scalability.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) implementations are solutions that businesses seek to create dedicated storage networks to handle their increasing volumes of data. Data management, capacity, scalability, connectivity, as well as raw performance, are some of the key benefits that customers can obtain through a NAS or SAN implementation.



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