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Disaster Recovery

Griban Technologies Professional Services Team can help customers create, test and maintain Disaster Recovery Plans matched to the customerís specific business requirements. Our team will assess your current IT infrastructure to identify potentially problematic areas and the solutions to correct them. Griban professionals know that properly evaluating an organization's vulnerabilities and taking preemptive action to mitigate risk is the only way to ensure a plan's success. The team works with the customer to identify necessary levels of data redundancy and recovery time requirements. This comprehensive approach includes:

Infrastructure Assessment:

>> Critical Systems and Infrastructure Evaluation
>> IT and Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment
>> Risk Evaluation and Business Impact Analysis
>> Security Recommendations based on Analysis

Contingency Planning:

>> Create detailed documents of a Business Continuity Plan
>> Site planning for Business Continuance on various Locations
>> Design criteria for Monitoring Network Systems

Plan Training & Testing:

>> Training of IT Managers and staff
>> Ongoing Basic Testing of Disaster Recovery Systems
>> Ongoing Major Disaster Testing and Recovery at Off-Site Location

Incident Emergency Response:

>> End-to-End Service Assurance
>> 24/7/365 Emergency Response
>> Service Level Agreements
>> Confidentiality Agreements
>> Cost-Effective Approach

Equipment Replacement:

>> Replace affected Network Technologies
>> Delivery to a designated Recovery Location


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